Reshape Your Face

 Schedule a one-on-one or group session and learn simple exercises you can do for a more youthful and radiant complexion. 

About Us

Face Yoga


 I will show you simple yet powerfully effective facial exercises that help lift up the face, diminish fine lines and wrinkles while bringing a more even-toned complexion and radiant glow. 

Gua Sha


 With the help of a beautiful stone, I will show you how to relax stiff facial muscles and promote lymphatic drainage in your face that relieves puffiness and helps prep your face for your face yoga experience.

Skin Loving Products


 I recommend, use and carry skin products powered by the bee!  Honey is such a wonderful ingredient for your skin - BeeNaturalz uses only natural ingredients, no synthetic additives or fragrance oils.  Best of all the honey used is from MN bees!